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With news coming from all major sources of the new variant, Covid-19 delta we have confirmed our rapid test DOES detect this strain. We are testing for the delta variant 7 days a week.
RT-PCR test - Detects the presence of viral RNA. It is very accurate and efficient. This test is able to detect a COVID-19 infection even before the person becomes infectious and will allow early isolation.
Here are the ones we have found so far. PLEASE CALL your Airlines to confirm what restrictions they may have also. We recommend getting it done to be sure.
The entertainment industry (Film/TV/Commercials) has been one of the most heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to production.
For those of you who dont know.. ALL MAJOR & PRIVATE AIRLINES are requesting a 72hour or earlier test with RT-PCR testing. This is the GOLD standard for testing covid-19 and we are here to help.